Best Blue Microphones For Podcasting

Best microphone for youtube

Best Microphone For YouTube

If you’re a YouTuber, podcaster or simply love to sing, consider having an instrument in your bag is a must. Though it could seem an unnecessary expense, the reality lies in the fact that quality and sound quality are important for audio. If you want to to record and produce high-quality audio, it is necessary to have a professional mic. For you to find the ideal one I’ve compiled the top microphones on the best available on the market today.

5 Best Microphone For Youtube Guide

Elgato Pro

The Elgato Pro is a worthy contender in the echelon of headsets for gaming. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not getting much of the respect it received from its predecessors however it’s a great product on its own. Its slick design and svelte built quality match its low-key posse of dedicated fans. Some tweaking could allow it to take on the role in the ranks of more expensive competitors. The competition, however, isn’t as stingy with their budget which is why you can get it from as low as $130. Don’t forget to get one or two deskmates. Additionally, you’ll require a great deal of self-assurance!

It’s an outstanding microphone that has been tested extensively and remains the same as before. Its price for this mic is very reasonable. Its microphone quality is excellent It’s also easy to pack up and go anytime you require. If you’re still not ready to go to bed to sleep, you can easily tote it to and from work with ease. It’s as quiet as it gets, and has a low-fi quality sound.

Blue Snowball

This Blue Snowball USB Microphone is your best option if you are looking for a mic suitable for YouTube or any other projects that rely on video. This is a good alternative for novices and comes with an excellent value. The build quality is acceptable and comes with the functions you require.

Blue Snowball USB Microphone has outstanding sound quality and an impressive frequency range. A converter is required for this USB port.

It also features also an EQ curve that’s extremely accurate. It’s especially useful if you’re looking to record high-quality vocals. It doesn’t have a mute switch and no mic monitoring.

Another great feature is the omnidirectional feature, which is perfect for podcasts and Skype calls. The mode decreases sensitivity and records sounds coming from every direction at the same rate.

HyperX Quadcast

If you are a streamer, podcaster, and any other professional who need to create video and audio, the HyperX QuadCast microphone is an excellent choice. It comes with a carry case as well as earpads made of rubber, and the microphone works very well for recording videos.

The HyperX QuadCast includes a volume control on the board as well as pop filters it is distinct from other USB microphones. These features improve recording quality. Mute button that is dedicated to the microphone allows users to easily toggle between mute and also turn off backlighting. Additionally, the switch that is touch-sensitive to mute also switches the microphone input in and out.

RGB lighting is accessible on the HyperX QuadCastS. This is an option that is legal for gamers. To modify lighting effects it is possible to use the NGenuity application.

Blue Yeti

Its Blue Yeti microphone is a preferred choice among YouTubers who want a high quality audio recording of their videos. This is a top streaming USB microphone with outstanding audio quality, and ease of use. It can be used for both video and audio, and works with most web-based recording platforms.

Other than the basic video recordingcapabilities, the Blue Yeti is a good option for recording podcasts. Even though it’s not quite the identical audio quality that a dedicated mic however, it will provide broadcast quality audio quality for podcasts and YouTube videos.

Blue Yeti Blue Yeti is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 8 It is also compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 8 and Mac OS X. It includes an 3.5 mm audio connector that can be plugged output, a built in gain knob, and a mute button.


If you’re in search of a good microphone for YouTube or video editing then the Rode NT USB is the option. The Rode NT USB is a compact mic that is lightweight and produces great sound and has excellent value-for-money/performance.

Rode NT/USB cardioid polar microphone filters background noises and the reverberations. It’s ideal for recording instruments or vocals and also for web-based meetings and conference calls.

The Rode USB includes a carrying case, six-metre USB cable with tripod desk stand and ring mount. The optional camera kit, as well as a shock mount that will increase the microphone’s isolation. There are also deals for older models.

The NTUSB comes with a large frequency band, low self-noise and an maximum sound tension of 110 decibels. Among its other features, it comes with an ear shield that protects from unwanted sounds.